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Addya brings the timeless charm of premium quality cover-ups that enhance your ethnic essence

Are you on the lookout for creating a unique fashion statement? You are missing out on a lot if you have yet to add cover-up garments to your wardrobe; at Addya, we offer you diverse cover-up options to layer up your traditional, casual, and formal attire. It is your time to start browsing fashion with us and upgrade your fashion lifestyle with our collection now.

Any kurti or other traditional attire will look fabulous when you pair them with our stylish cover-up jackets. It will make your suit appear more designer as this style is growing trendier with added benefits. Pairing it with your outfit of the day is a simple yet smart idea to create a fashion statement. You can modify it to fit your needs and make your fashion look up or down.

It is quite simple to pair it up with leggings, suit pants, and a kurta underneath the cover-up jacket. You can get a regular workday look. Add a cotton or silk jacket on your long dress or rayon silk blend kurta with accessories to create a festive look. The design possibilities are endless when it comes to our cover-up designs.

Get your hands on the perfect ethnic cover-ups

Adding a cover-up to your attire can easily implement ethnic flair into your appearance. Here are some tricks to keep in mind while choosing the right cover-up piece that is perfect for you:

  • Consider the occasion for your outfit

What kind of occasion you are attending is a crucial consideration for a lot of clothing and attire selection. Our cover-ups are available in a diverse range of patterns and embroidery handcrafts. So, choose a design for our jackets, flared shrugs, and suits to improve the appearance of the occasion’s theme. Addya avails best-suited cover-ups for both formal and festive celebration occasions to keep you comfortable and stylish all at once.

  • Pay attention to the fabric choice

Choosing the right fabric is a crucial point in creating a cover-up section in your wardrobe. Go through our product description section to learn about the fabric selections for our cover-up piece. It will influence the range of comfort you need and for what weather. Choose breathable materials like chiffon or cotton cover-ups while choosing outfits for warmer months. Velvety, rayon, or woollen fabric cover-ups are best for cold months to keep you warm and cosy.

  • What embellishment do you want with your cover-ups

Your ethnic cover-ups will add more personality to your appearance when it includes embellishments. Decide on whether you like big patterns, intricate embroideries, or delicate beading decorations are your preferences. Selecting such decorations will draw more attention to your attire.

  • Select the colour that matches the theme

Selecting the colour patterns in your cover-ups is another factor to consider to create a perfect look that matches your personality. It is easy to pick a colour for the cover-ups according to the event you are attending or its theme. You can go with the bright and bold colours for festivities. Choose more subtle shades of cover-up jackets if it’s a formal occasion.

  • Find the right size and fit

Your whole outfit appearance effort may go in vain if you don’t choose the right fit for your cover-ups. Go through our cover-up product page to check the right fit as per their size. Choosing the right fit will accentuate your body at the right points without ruining your silhouette. Since it’s a layer-up garment, keep in mind to refrain from choosing a too-tight or too-loose piece. Moreover, set a budget limit to not end up buying more. You can also personalise your cover-up with our experts to get the right fit and design with your cover-up.

How do you style your coverups?

Draping or shrugging up cover-ups is one of the most adaptable, comfortable and affordable ways of adding fashion to your regular outfits. We use a variety of fabrics, embroidery techniques, and design patterns to create unique styles. All our products are available at affordable price ranges.

One of the easiest ways to make your fashion stand out with cover-ups is pairing A-line dresses with edgy, bold cover-up jackets. You can choose an ethnic kurta or dress to layer with appropriate cover-up designs. This can include materials like chiffon, georgette, cotton or rayon, etc., that will go well and give you a flowing look.

These kurti cum jacket cover-ups are earning more popularity. So you can close off the button of the cover-up jacket to wear it in a standalone fashion. The best part of owning these garments is styling your outfit of the day, whether for dressing up or down. You can easily accessorise your outfit, and the cover-up will seamlessly blend into your dress theme. It is still possible to create stunning fashion without adding any accessories to your wear.


Cover-up garments are versatile in nature and can bring modesty to your outfit while making your outfit stylish. You can find trendy suits and jackets in Addya for various purposes. You may have many questions about cover-ups to incorporate into your fashion before you add them to your wardrobe. Here are some crucial things to learn:

What sets your cover-ups apart from the regular clothing collections?

Layering over outfits has become a major fashion trend. You can fulfil these needs by looking for cover-ups to wear over your regular garments. It will meet your requirements for enhancing outfit style and extra protection from outer elements. You can add more modesty into your fashion for easy transitions. It could be a festival or wedding; you can pair it up with traditional outfits to bring elegance and grace into your look.

What fabric types can you mostly find in cover-up jackets in Addya?

Most of the cover-up garment categories include cotton, chiffon, silk, etc. fabrics. You can also find best-selling rayon, georgette, brocade, etc. fabric in the cover-up jackets and shrugs. Each of our fabrics comes with distinct qualities to wear or drape in unique styles and occasions. It would easily add unique character to your fashion.

Can any body type use traditional suits and jacket cover-ups to look fashionable?

Yes, no matter your body type, you can use cover-ups to make your outfit extra-ordinary. We offer a range of cover-up forms and styles to fit various body shapes. Women of tall, short, thin or curvaceous can use our cover-up garments to accentuate the best qualities of their physique.

What embroidery techniques can you expect in traditional cover-ups?

Some of the trendy embroidery stitching work that is in demand with traditional cover-ups. It includes mirror work, chikankari, zardori, kantha, gota, patti, etc. These are some of the popular, well-detailed handcrafted ornamentation you can find in our cover-ups to highlight your layering. It will give your outfit unique depth and add texture and intricate visuals that preserve the craftsmanship.

Can you layer these cover-ups for formal occasions?

Yes, you can wear our cover-up designs for any formal events with minimal embroidery works on this article of clothing. It could be available in a suit or jacket to add a classy style to your look. You can choose cover-ups with formal patterns and match them with elegant jewellery without overdoing it for formal events.

How do you find the right size for the traditional cover-ups?

You can refer to our size guide to choose which cover-up article will suit your body size. Get ready to shop with Addya after measuring your sizes accurately and selecting what fits your body shape.

How do you follow maintenance techniques for traditional cover-ups?

You have to maintain your cover-up clothes in a different manner as per the care instructions available for each fabric and embroidery work. Follow through the label to learn how to wash and what detergent to use. Moreover, learned about its drying and ironing techniques.

Can I wear all cover-up designs as all-season fashions?

Yes, our traditional cover-up suits and jackets are for all-season fashions. We avail lightweight to heavy fabric garments to ensure you have cover-up fashions in your wardrobe no matter the season to keep you comfortable.

Will it look fashionable to wear cover-ups as standalone pieces?

Most of our cover-up clothing designs are for multipurpose fashion. You can use the cover-ups for standalone pieces, such as pairing your suit pants with jackets. It will create a striking look.

What advantage can I receive by buying cover-ups from Addya?

If you are in search of a wide variety of traditional cover-ups, Addya can offer you diverse options. These garments can keep you warm and comfortable, adding layers to your outfit and making it more fashionable. Addya presents new styles of cover-ups in multiple size ranges at affordable price ranges that can meet your needs and preferences. Get free delivery for our cover-up garments PAN India and hassle-free returns. We can provide you with COD and other payment modes based on your preferences.