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Transform your wardrobe with Addya’s exclusive comfortable Kaftan sets for women.

Addya Women’s Boutique is releasing comfortable Kaftan sets that look trendy and royal. Kaftan suits have now become the popular choice for every woman because of their elegant & versatile look. It is the must-have clothing in your wardrobe. Well, we have an array of fabrics available in our store such as silk kaftans, cotton kaftans etc. Before the scorching summer knocks on your door, here we release our new collection of Kaftan sets that provide complete comfort. You can dress up our kaftan sets on any occasion. Our loose-fitting Kaftan styles are suitable for body types, and if you have a curvy figure, you must try this! Pick your favourite kaftan sets and add them to your stunning wardrobe today. You can rock the world by wearing our kaftan sets.

Pick kaftan sets based on the event you are going to attend

Kaftan is a versatile clothing option that can be paired in multiple ways for multiple events. This clothing option gained overall popularity all around the world because of its elegance, comfort and effortless style. Whether you are going to attend a formal event, beach party or casual gathering, here we share some tips to make your look perfect with our array of options.

Kaftan for pool & beach party

When it comes to a pool party, kaftan is the perfect choice because of its lightweight & breeze vibe. Here is how to style a kaftan for a beach party-

  • Opt for a floral short kaftan so that it can keep you cool all day.
  • Pick kaftan with vibrant colours since it embraces the relaxed & lively atmosphere.
  • You can style our Kaftan over your bikini or swimsuit.
  • Complete your pool party look with oversized sunglasses, footwear and a hat. You can also pick some shell accessories.

Kaftan for casual gathering event

We have the best collection of Kaftans, which perfectly elevate your casual outfits for daytime gatherings, brunch & shopping. You can style our kaftan for casual meetings like this-

  • Select a Kaftan fabric that is comfortable to your body such as linen and Kaftan. The materials we offer are relaxing and breathable.
  • Pick the neutral shade & pastel colour kaftan if you are buying for summer.
  • To give better detail, you can add the belt by clinching your waist. It gives you a more tailored look and elevates your figure.
  • Pair our kaftans with jeans, leggings and pants to give a contemporary vibe.
  • To complete the look, choose sandals, or flats and don’t miss to add some accessories like bags to foster your style.

Kaftan's options for formal events

You can elegantly style our Kaftan set for formal events like galas, events & cultural fests. Here is how you can confidently walk with this-

  • You should opt for the Kaftan, that is made with luxurious fabrics
  • Pick something that adds elegance & opulence to the outfit.
  • Select a kaftan with rich colours like indigo, black etc., that redefine your complete look
  • Pair the kaftan with the high heels if you are short and add some height.
  • Look for structured & statement jewellery like a bracelet, earrings, etc.
  • You can also drape a shawl or stall over your shoulders to add a layer of elegance & simplicity.

Kaftan sets for the resort wear.

You can also pick a kaftan for the resort wear or for the vacation to keep your look relaxed. These are some tips from our experts to carry our kaftan-

  • Style our Kaftan as a cover cloth over the swimwear.
  • Our loose, flowy kaftan is perfect for sunny & hot destinations.
  • Select kaftans, which are lightweight & made with breathable fabrics.
  • Opt for the tropical print kaftan to match the vacation vibe.


Which fabrics from the Kaftan collections do you have?

Addya Women’s Boutique presents a comfortable & luxurious set of kaftan in different fabrics, which are-

  • Cotton Kaftans- If you are looking for a Kaftan that allows your skin to breathe and relax your body, try this!
  • Stain Kaftans- Satin Kaftans are ideal for everyday wear. You can pair this with a luxury belt, high heels, some accessories and handbags.
  • Silk Kaftans- We have a few sets of luxury silk Kaftans that are soft and sheen and give a high-quality feel to any formal event, wedding, etc.
  • Georgette Kaftans- If you are looking for the flowy Kaftans to create an elegant and ethereal look, then try this wonderful pair.

Why should I choose Addya to buy Kaftan sets?

Here, we share some unique qualities of Addya Women’s Boutique that keep you in love with us.

  • Quality craftsmanship- The Kaftans we crafted are designed with care. We sell Kaftans that are made with quality fabrics.
  • Trending design- We always want to stay at the forefront of fashion trends. Check our carefully curated collections today.
  • Versatility & comfort- Fashion should never come out of comfort. All our Kaftan sets are versatile and comfortable for your body.
  • Diversity in sizes- Fashion should be accessible to all, and that’s why we have kaftan sets for all body types and body sizes.

Does Addya India deliver Kaftan sets for plus-size women?

Yes, we offer Kaftan sets for plus-size women also. We believe that fashion should not be limited to height and weight. So, we have kaftan collections for every woman.

How do you select the ideal size of Kaftan?

To pick the right size of Kaftan here, you can follow certain steps-

  • Measure yourself- First, you should take the tape measure to accurately measure your waist, bust & hips. Now, refer to our size chart and search for your measurements.
  • Decide the fit- You should think about how the Kaftan should fit you. Some people prefer a snug fit, whereas others prefer a relaxed style.
  • Go through the product description- You should look for the product descriptions to get clarification. You can also go through the review section.

If you want to flatter our kaftan sets then make sure you pick the perfect size of your body type.

Where can I wear Kaftans?

You can wear kaftans for any casual outings like brunch with friends, shopping, etc. You can also wear Kaftans in stylish beach & pool cover-ups. In addition, it can be worn as a resort wear, vacation, etc. For special events, choose our luxurious kaftan by adding some of the best jewellery.

How Can I style kaftan for weddings?

You can wear our Kaftan at weddings by adding some jewellery, such as earrings and statement necklaces, to add glamour & sparkle. In addition, add high heels, a sleek clutch or a bag. To elevate your look, you can cinch your waist with the polished belt.

Can I wear this on a formal occasion?

Yes, our Kaftans can be worn on formal occasions based on the fabric & design. Some kaftans are made with luxurious fabrics that make you look suitable for formal events.

What styles of kaftans do you have in your store?

At Addya, we have new trending Kaftan sets that are available in various styles for various occasions.

  • Ethnic sets- If you want to wear something traditional, then choose the ethnic kaftan sets. These are perfect for cultural events & celebrations.
  • Fusion sets- If you want to create a fusion look that means a blend of Western & traditional styles, then pick this option.
  • Casual sets- This set is perfect for everyday wear since it is comfortable for the body and has a relaxed fit.

Every style of Kaftan we have in our store is crafted to align the contemporary and traditional fusion. You can get a more detailed idea when you go through our collections.

Is there any special instruction for washing?

If you want to keep your clothes looking new for the years, then you should follow certain special instructions. Proper care is necessary to maintain the quality and appearance of cloth. Here are a few instructions that you need to remember-

  • Go through the label- You should always go through the care label to go through the specific instructions described by the manufacturer.
  • Washing instructions- Cotton clothes are machine washed, and they can be cleaned through warm & cold water. To prevent excessive wear and tear, you can choose to wash your hands.
  • Choice of detergent- You should choose mild detergent and avoid bleaching.
  • Dryer choice- If you are using a dryerthen set low heat. If you are ironing your clothes then select medium to high heat settings.
  • Removing stains- To remove stains, try stain remover. Soak your clothes before washing them.

Are you going to launch any new Kaftans in the near future?

Yes, Addya introduces a new set of kaftans and other clothing items from time to time. We always change our clothing sections and keep the trending designs in our store. We love to delight our customers with unique and fresh designs. We want to please our customers with new surprises, and that’s the reason we recommend you to visit our store regularly to check our new collections.